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Landmark Square

Building on past successes with the Sheboygan Senior Community, Jos. Schmitt & Sons was selected to construct the new 70-unit senior condominiums at the Landmark Square. The 151,614 sq ft , four-story wood-framed structure offers residents assisted living services that tailors to a wide range of needs – from laundry and housekeeping to limited nursing care. 

“Landmark Square was quite successful and had exceeded sales projections. Until March 19, 2007, that is, when an arsonist set the project ablaze in the middle of the night,” said Mike Basch, Sheboygan Senior Community Executive Director. 

Overnight, the structure we had been working on was gone. “My heart really went out to the people. We can rebuild the buildings, but the people had a setback,” said President and Project Principal-in-Charge, Steven Schmitt. 

“It’s been Schmitt’s timely response and action that have gotten us back under construction in less than 4 month’s time. This is a phenomenal accomplishment given the degree of devastation that occurred,” said Basch. 

Other projects with the Sheboygan Senior Community include the original Limited Care Units (1970), the Beach Health Care Center (1981), and Additions and Remodeling (1996), and the Sheboygan Senior Community (2015).

Project Owner

Sheboygan Senior Community

Jos. Schmitt's Role

Construction Manager


Abacus Architects, Inc.

Completion Date

April 2008

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930 North 6th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081
United States