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It’s all about going home… 

At Jos. Schmitt & Sons, we all want to go home safe to our families. Our view of that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Jos. Schmitt & Sons has total commitment to this philosophy and anything less is not tolerated. Every employee, subcontractor, client and visitor is a valued asset to us, and we are committed to their well-being on Jos. Schmitt & Sons jobsites. 

Our safety program covers: 

  • Reduction and containment of dust and monitoring of air quality 

  • Reduction of noise and proper scheduling of noisy activities 

  • Containment and securing of hazardous materials 

  • Maintenance and communication of emergency evacuation routines 

  • Overall buildings and grounds organization and cleanliness 

  • Safe access routes 

  • On-site identification for all construction personnel 

  • Proper PPE – construction attire including hard hat, safety glasses, hi-vis apparel, steel toed shoes as applicable, four inch sleeves, and gloves 

  • Proper signage and wayfinding 

We genuinely care and our EMR proves it... 

Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a procedure which utilizes the prior Worker’s Compensation claims experience of an individual policyholder to forecast or predict future losses. The rating is based on a comparison of firms doing similar types of work, and the company is rated against the average expected claims experience in each work classification for each state. 

The base EMR is one; if the EMR is greater than one the company is being charged premiums higher than those of the industry average. An EMR of less than one indicates that the construction firm is being rewarded with premiums lower than industry average.   

Jos. Schmitt & Sons Construction historical EMR Rates 

2011 – .80 
2012 – .73 
2013 – .74 
2014 – .70 
2015 – .62 
2016 – .62